The Tour Operator 

A tour operator typically combines tour and travel components to create a holiday package. They advertise and produce brochures to promote their products, holidays and itineraries.

portraitDesigns and costs itineraries to suit the needs of people, bringing together a range of related tourism services.
portraitQuotes for the work – either direct to an overseas agent or direct to the potential tourist.
portraitAgrees the cost of services with the client as well as details and terms of payment. (It is unacceptable to under quote and then later attempt to increase the agreed price.)
portraitMakes all the necessary bookings and reservations (hotels, transport, sightseeing etc.).
portraitOperates the tour, i.e. provide the necessary accommodation, transport, tourist guide(s) etc.

Some tour operators perform only a selection of the following services, e.g. provide the transport and guide. This is often the case with operators who do regular day tours of tourist areas. Such operators obtain many of their clients from other operators, tour brokers, hotels etc.


Courses and registration

There is no registered qualification for tour operators yet. Our tour operating modules comprise of relevant unit standards from the tourist guide qualifications. SATSA and Industry requirements have also been incorporated to address all the essential knowhow and skills needed to setup and run a successful tour operator business.

There are many legal requirements that an Operator should comply with relating to the business, vehicles, drivers, guides, etc.  All of these are covered in the course.


Short courses for tour operations

Enhance your skills and knowledge to improve your business

Sample title
Design and cost an itinerary

The elements and considerations for designing and costing a tour.

Sample title
Legal framework for tour operations

A practical approach to international, national and other legislation that applies to operate tours in South Africa, as well details about contracts and liability, ethical behaviour and protocols.

Sample title
Product knowledge for tour operators

 Terminology and considerations relating to transport, accommodation, restaurants, and sites/attractions. .


Learn how to setup a tour operator business within the legal framework