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Basics of Guiding
Tourist guiding



Skills Programme: Culture Site Guide TG/CULTSITEGD/4/0031
NQF Level 4 Credits 34
(Cathsseta Certificate)


Exit outcomes

Research, design, conduct and conclude walking tours at a prominent cultural tourism site.


Delivery options

Online theory, assignments + tests with practical tasks


Facilitated Workshops (3 Days), online assignments + tests with practical tasks


Career path

*Culture Site Guide for a prominent site.
*Advanced / senior site guide - multiple sites
*Regional guide (limited geographical area) - additional modules required .
*Provincial /National guide - this programme is a pre-requisite for the Advanced guiding.



6-12 weeks (progress according to individual input)


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The Basics of Guiding and Advanced Guiding courses are required to complete the FETC: Tourist Guiding NQF Level 4 (71549) in order to qualify as a provincial guide.

Description of Basics of Guiding

This programme focuses on gaining an overview of South Africa and its history, as well as research methodologies. Other main topics includes operating within the international and national legal framework (including health and safety), and providing the ultimate client care. The student will be required to present a 45-60 minutes walking tour on a prominent cultural tourism site (e.g. Constitution hill, Robben Island, Voortrekker monument, etc.).

A Culture Site Guide Certificate NQF L4 is issued upon achievement of this programme. The student can submit application to register as a guide (takes approximately 6 weeks to receive the badge and card). The guide is only allowed to conduct tours on the selected site but can easily extend scope to city walking tours, etc. This programme is also the first step in becoming a Provincial guide and a pre-requisite for the Advanced guiding course.

What is required to do?

filter_1Complete online theory (BG1)  or  attend facilitated workshops (BG2).

filter_2Complete online self-study, assignments and tests (formative).

filter_3Complete online summative knowledge questionnaires.

filter_4Complete and submit practical tasks (including a video of a guided walking tour of 45-60 minutes of a prominent tourism site) to be evaluated.

Facilitated Workshops - 3 days
South African overview including history (SAO)
Operate in the legal framework (including health and safety) OHS
Walking tours and interpretation (WTO)

Course content and modules

MODULE 1: The tourism industry and legislation
(1) TIN-110 The tourism industry and role-players
(2) LEG-110: Tourism and guiding legislation
(3) LEG-111: Conservation, heritage and ethics

MODULE 2: Research Resources and Study Methods
(1) REA-110: Resources and making summaries
(2) REA-111: Interviews, protocols and attitudes
(3) REA-112: Culture Sites and Values

MODULE 3: Health and Safety
(1) OHS-110: Prevention of safety and emergency incidents
(2) OHS-111: Natural and unnatural emergencies

MODULE 4: Client care
(1) CST-120: Communication and etiquette
(2) CST-121: Client care and dealing with complaints/conflict
(3) CST-122: Client need and expectation

MODULE 5: Research and design a tourist guide activity
(1) TGD-110: Design a tourist guide activity

MODULE 6: Conduct a tourist guide activity
(1) TGC-110: Interpretation
(2) TGC-111: Public speaking
(3) TGC-112: Conduct the tour

Unit Standards
335801  Conduct a tourist guiding activity  NQF Level 4 Credits 8
335802 Conduct a guided cultural experience  NQF Level 4 Credits 12
335803  Research and design a guided experience at a prominent tourism site NQF Level 4 Credits 5
246740  Care for customers NQF Level 4 Credits 3
255914  Minimise and manage safety and emergency incidents NQF Level 4 Credits 6