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Additional provinces

In house certification

Tourist Guiding
  / Tour operations / Product knowledge
Ideal for tour operators, tour agents, tourism students, and anyone wanting to gain in depth knowledge of South Africa.



Online theory and practical orientation by means of multimedia presentations 



2-8 weeks (dependend on individual progress & the province)


Exit outcome

Knowledge of ..... and practical orientation



R 950.00
*You should have ACHIEVED your Cathsseta certificate first

Admission requirements
The candidate should be a registered Provincial Culture Guide, or student enrolled for the FETC: Tourist Guiding (71549). A copy of the certificate is required.

Candidates should be computer literate and have some practical knowledge of the province.

Important notice !
Guides with only the Skills Programme Culture Site Guide NQF L4 may take the course, and complete the assessment, but should take note that they might require the afore-mentioned qualification in order to register as provincial / national guide. MGT cannot be held responsible in the event that application to add provinces to their guiding scope, or to register as a national guide, is unsuccessful.

Description of Provincial Courses

Covers the provincial, cultural, historical and natural overviews for each province, as well as all the cities and towns according to geographical, municipal or tourism regions. It also includes information about the origin of the cities/towns, the origin and meaning of names, claims to fame, economical activities, sites, attractions and things to do. 

What is required to do?

filter_1Complete online theory and formative assessment activities.

filter_2Complete and submit the provincial assignment.

filter_3Complete online summative knowledge questionnaires.

Course content 
The layout and content may vary slightly from province to province depending on what is applicable and important to each individual province. Cities are presented in a logical format to make it easy for students to follow the routes and prepare for city tours. 

General overview

Coat of arms
Municipalities and districts
Geographical features of the landscape (geology, mountains, rivers, etc.)
Nature and conservation
Climate and weather
Main routes and scenic drives

Historic Overview
Origins of humans
Long period of immigration
Upheaval and displacement
South African Wars and unification
Apartheid and post-apartheid

Cultural overview
Social structure
Traditions including clothing, food, song & dance, rites of passage, and religious practices 

Cities / towns
All the cities and towns are covered
Meaning of the name
Claims to fame
Economic activities
Historic sites and monuments
Attractions and activities