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Eswatini /Swaziland 

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Tour Operator
Tourist Guide



Online theory with assignments. 



4-8 weeks


Exit outcome

Gain knowledge and understanding of the Kingdom of Swaziland, as well as a practical orientation.



R 1,850.00

Description of Eswatini Course

This online-course has been created for Registered South African Tourist Guides traversing through The Eswatini (the land of the Swazi's). It is aimed at National Guides conducting national tours passing through Eswatini, and also at KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga Regional Guides who include a Swaziland component in their South African-based regional activities. It does not qualify South African Guides to operate as  Swaziland Guides in Eswatini, and is also not a standalone course to accredit Eswatini Tourist Guides.

The course is structured so as to provide a basic working knowledge of the Kingdom, including Cultural, Natural and Adventure components as per current South African Tourism Legislation. The course will provide foundations in Geology, Geography, Culture, Traditions, Archaeology, History, Economy and Fauna and Flora of Eswatini.

What is required to do?

Complete online theory, online assessment and assignments. 

Course content and modules
Module 1: Introduction to the Kingdom of Eswatini/Swaziland
Module 2: Geology, geography and climate
Module 3: Administrative regions and towns
Module 4: Economy and infrastructure
Module 5: Fauna, flora and conservation
Module 6: Cultural overview
Module 7: The Royals
Module 8: History Integrated test

Modules 1-6
Practical orientation 1: Border crossings
Practical orientation 2: En route the MR1
Practical orientation 3: The Ngwenya area
Practical orientation 4: En route the MR3 and Mbabane
Practical orientation 5: Ezulwini Valley and Lobamba
Practical orientation 6: Malkerns area and Manzini